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Customer Panel: Lessons Learned from Lean Construction Projects

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    The lean construction movement continues. Leading owners, general contractors, and trade partners are adopting production-planning practices at a growing rate. Come and find out what's behind this important shift in construction project delivery. Our panel of customers will share their experiences with lean planning techniques like the Last Planner System. They will also discuss how tools, like BIM 360 Plan web service, can help support your roll out of lean practices. If you are already using production planning on your jobs, come and compare notes with your peers. If you are new to lean, this is a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of lean construction and how to make it work for your company.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to start a lean construction project
    • Discover primary benefits of production planning experienced by key stakeholders from several lean construction projects
    • Learn about best practices and common pitfalls for implementing production planning
    • Discover tools and techniques to support lean construction projects