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Hands-on Lab    CES319875-L
Custom Bridge Parts from Inventor to InfraWorks to Revit
Autodesk University
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Learn how to create basic bridge components in Inventor software. InfraWorks software can accept custom piers, girders, abutments, decks, and foundations created as IPT files in Inventor. In this class, you’ll model a parametric pier in Inventor and use Shape Modeler to prepare it for use in InfraWorks. Once in InfraWorks, we’ll export the bridge to Revit software.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the workflow for creating custom bridge parts
  • Learn about the basics of parametric modeling in Inventor
  • Learn how to export bridges from InfraWorks to Revit
  • Learn about the parameters required by InfraWorks for parts to be dynamic



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