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Custom AutoCAD Civil 3D Subassemblies—Why Would I Need that??
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Infrastructure BIM development is racing ahead, and every year, new software versions and releases come out at a breakneck pace to make sure that we all deliver the best possible output to our clients in highway design. This class will show why custom subassemblies instead of the standard content are a must-have for any business or project that values design, drawing, and model consistency. We’ll cover how to control and maintain model consistency, to reduce user error, to drive drawing outputs, and even how to use subassemblies to automate asset data extraction. The class will give an overview of Subassembly Composer creation, share some tips and tricks that have been learned on the UK’s current largest infrastructure design project, and cover how you can use subassemblies to drive, standardize, and reduce error. We’ll demonstrate why business leaders need to think seriously about subassemblies and make them a key part of internal standards and practices.

Key Learnings

  • Discover why Subassembly Composer for AutoCAD Civil 3D is such a powerful tool for your business
  • Learn why a custom subassembly pack should be critical to your company standards kits
  • Learn how subassemblies can be used to drive more consistent outputs to drawings, models, and asset information
  • Learn from key experience gained on the UK's largest current infrastructure project



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