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Creating Units of Memory: From University Design Studio to Manufacturer Using Fusion 360

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    This class will explore Fusion 360 software as the common language in a unique project between interior and industrial design students, their faculty, and a high-production manufacturer. The presentation will illustrate how Fusion 360 was used to translate design ideas to manufacture a high-quality prototype, and serve as an educational tool for students and professionals, while improving workflow and project outcomes. The prototype, Mobile Kitchen, or MO:KI, is a bespoke collection of modular, mobile units that push the boundaries of the cooking experience and the traditional work triangle for an improved user experience. The concept affords flexibility in organizing an environment responsive to the tactile needs of a chef. We will discuss current research and design in anticipation of commercialization, using Fusion 360. This talk will highlight not only the process of design and production, but also the ongoing collaboration between education, manufacturing, and Autodesk as a pathway for future learning and making.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply collaboration techniques using Fusion 360 to improve the design-to-manufacturing process for consumer goods and products
    • Discover improved methods for translating concepts from the design studio to the manufacturing floor using Fusion 360
    • Gain a richer understanding of how design methods, education, and production can be used to address human-centered challenges
    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 software to enhance project outcomes through improved communication and co-creation strategies