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Hands-on Lab    SE3048-L
Creating Steel Fabrication Friendly Families and Schedules with Revit Structure
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Once you have mastered the day-to-day use of Revit Structure, you must continue to push the boundaries toward enhanced integration for construction purposes. One of the most commonly used materials in a structural engineer's arsenal is structural steel. In this hands-on lab, we focus on using the information contained within Revit and the information we can derive from within custom family content to create enhanced structural steel schedules. This class is about the use of shared parameters and custom families to facilitate greater symmetry with steel fabricators through the use of smarter families and schedules.

Key Learnings

  • Use shared parameters to make smarter families and schedules
  • Create a parametric steel plate family and detailed geometrical schedule
  • Use parameters and calculated values for steel quantity takeoffs
  • Create a steel takeoff schedule



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