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Create Realistic Water Features and Fountains Using 3ds Max Fluids

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    Many architectural designs incorporate a water feature as a prominent visual component of the structure. This class explains how to implement 3ds Max Fluids for the creation of these features. This class will take you through the process of creating animated water fountains and tranquil waterfalls that can be found in a variety of landscapes. You’ll learn how to simulate water flow using 3ds Max Fluids and the Motion Field Space Warp. Apply a custom material to render realistic water. This class will step through the process of building a fluid flow from beginning to end using the capabilities built into the 3ds Max liquid fluid dynamics system.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a liquid simulation to simulate fountains and other water features
    • Learn how to configure the fluid simulation for water features
    • Learn how to assign a Motion Field space warp that affects the flow of the water
    • Learn how to apply materials and render the fluid using the Arnold renderer