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Create Custom Components in 3ds Max Civil View for Civil Construction Sequences

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    <p>3ds Max Civil View software already has a large selection of library objects to place into your civil infrastructure model. However, Civil View is scarce on objects used for civil construction sequences, such as construction barrels or barriers that are used to display to the owner how you&rsquo;re going to maintain a safe construction zone on an active highway. Adding that object to the library can be difficult if you do not follow the required steps. Throughout the class, the instructor will show you how to set up and configure your models to be used by the Object Placement Style editor, whether it is adding a new light pole, construction barrel, or car to the Civil View library. Adding your own custom elements to the object placement library will make your process more efficient and streamlined as you create construction sequences to be used during the proposal and preconstruction phase of a civil construction project.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to construct work zone and traffic control elements in 3ds Max
    • Learn how to incorporate custom elements to be used in Civil View Object Placement
    • Learn how to place custom elements along a path using Civil View Object Placement
    • Learn how to adjust parameters in Civil View to meet the necessary requirements of the work zone / traffic control objects