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Construction IQ: A Smart Assistant for Diagnosing Risk on Construction Projects

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    Project management for construction can be very challenging. It involves intensive coordination among teams and stakeholders throughout all project phases, from design review to project delivery. Efficient management of construction documents, such as drawings, designs, issues, RFIs, change orders, etc., is the key for project success. Research has shown that more than 50% of RFIs have a root cause in design issues and documentation error that could be solved by improving design review. In this session, we look at how a data driven approach can help project teams including VDC managers, project engineers, superintendents and project managers stay on top of critical high risk items and take action. We explore how technologies such as Construction IQ can leverage knowledge and past experience gained through mining tons of data and apply that to prioritize issues and RFIs, and group them into actionable categories for faster and more focused processing, with the ultimate goal of mitigating project risks and bettering project performance. Hear from AECOM and Danis Construction how they are connecting design to construction and their use of Construction IQ, and how it turns plain text into insights about project risk and makes the constructability review process and project management easier.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the impact and applications of AI and machine learning in construction project management
    • Learn about BIM 360 Construction IQ and what's behind the scene
    • Learn how Construction IQ uses AI and machine learning to identify risks and improve project control
    • Learn from an industry leader talking about their applications and the benefits of using Construction IQ for project management