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Construction Cloud for Infrastructure

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    Construction Cloud is today being used across a large range of projects globally. This session will demonstrate a number of use cases, including how PlanGrid is helping build and maintain railways, Assemble is being used to quantify materials in dams, BuildingConnected is being used to source subcontractors for road projects, and BIM 360 software is being used to manage complex infrastructure projects. We will also show how Autodesk partners are being used in conjunction with Construction Cloud products to help infrastructure asset owners better use the data collected on a project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how Construction Cloud can provide a technology platform for infrastructure projects.
    • Discover how Assemble can be utilized to aid model conditioning and quantification on projects.
    • Learn how BuildingConnected has been utilized by civil contractors to reduce risk.
    • Learn how projects have implemented Construction Cloud to be most effective.