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Connecting multi-disciplinary teams through round-trip issues

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    The architecture, engineering, and construction industry is often disconnected. Processes, data storage, and priorities vary between design firms, general contractors, and trades. This fractured environment can lead to missed opportunities and expensive rework. But what if there were a way to connect these stakeholders directly in the tools they’ve been using for years? In this session we will hear from industry leaders about round-trip issues workflows from an easy-to-use collaboration workspace into Revit or Navisworks for resolution—all in a common data environment. Improve accountability through tracking and communication features within the issues layer and accelerate project timelines through continuous collaboration. The future of design-build delivery systems unites teams and tools by unlocking the controlled flow of information between them.

    Key Learnings

    • Hear from industry leaders on how they use issue management across teams and tools
    • Learn how to properly set up your data environment for connected issues
    • We’ll show you how automatic clash detection, frees up time to better manage issues and projects
    • Explore the power of a common data environment