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Conceptual Structural Design Using Revit Adaptive Components and Dynamo

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    This session will share the design process of the conceptual designs of a signature pedestrian bridge and an arena roof. Both structures are unique and somewhat complicated. The iterative nature of the designs prompted the use of both Revit software and Dynamo software for a coordinated, efficient conceptual phase. To facilitate concept development, the geometry of the structures was created using Revit conceptual massing and adaptive components. Then, to help minimize the rework associated with verifying the feasibility of each design iteration, the structural engineer used Dynamo to help automate some of the structural analysis-pulling information from Revit into a spreadsheet, and ultimately into structural analysis software. The use of several tools and applicable technology let these projects efficiently move through the conceptual phase and into design. This session will share, in detail, how all the models and scripts were created.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize repeaters in adaptive components
    • Learn how to use divided surfaces for structural applications
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to extract structural information that can be input directly into structural analysis software
    • Discuss how a conceptual design model was used as a tool for design and analysis