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Computational modeling linear structure with Civil 3D, Revit & Dynamo CivilConnection

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    In an early design phase, a parametric Civil 3D model of a tunnel was setup using the subassembly composer. Where Civil 3D is strong in linear oriented design, Revit is strong in placing object-oriented elements. With the CivilConnection package for Dynamo it is possible to setup and change a Revit model based on the corridor and feature lines from the civil 3D model. Where the Civil 3D Model follows the curved alignment as much as possible, it is necessary to work towards a more implementation-ready model in Revit during designing. We constantly look for optimizations. Without computational modeling, quickly processing new design insights is a time-consuming job and no longer of this time.

    Key Learnings

    • Creating a Civil 3D model with the subassembly composer that is ready for applying with the CivilConnection Package for Dynam
    • Use dynamo to read your Civil 3D model
    • Build your Revit Model based on the Civil 3D model and information
    • Use the power of Civil 3D and Revit together