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Computational BIM Workshop: Developer, General Session

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    Ever felt like you wanted Dynamo to do more? And custom nodes, python, zero-touch, and nodeModel-derived UI nodes not enough? Maybe you want to create another window to track workspace utilization? Or you want to create a drawing tool inside of Dynamo? If you know the feeling, you may be interested in learning about extensions in Dynamo! Come join us for the first AU Dynamo Developer workshop focused on extensions, a development tool that allows you to extend Dynamo beyond what is offered out-of-the-box and create your own custom functionality and features that leverage the Dynamo API. You will be taught extension basics during the first part of the workshop, and then in the second part get a chance to learn, collaborate, and exchange ideas with other Dynamo community members on a focused extension topic. Please ensure that you have the following as we will hit the ground running from the minute we start the workshop: • Bring your own laptop that has Visual Studio 2015 installed prior to the workshop • On the laptop mentioned above, have Dynamo Studio and/or Dynamo Revit installed prior to the workshop • Preferably have Dynamo C# Zero-Touch node development experience • Preferably have built Dynamo Core from source Preferably have some basic knowledge of WPF

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Dynamo Extension basics
    • Collaborate with other Dynamo developers
    • Discover ways to extend Dynamo beyond its “out of the box” functionality
    • Build community