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Computational BIM Workshop Beginner, Part 2

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    <p>Learn to combine computational design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We will use Dynamo to drive a Revit software model, and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and geometry tools. This workshop is for people who have some experience in Revit software and/or tools like Rhino software and Grasshopper software. Basic understanding of computer programming and scripting is helpful, but it’s not required. This session features Revit and Dynamo Studio.</p> <p>Download the “Dynamo Tutorial” from the <a href="">Package manager</a> or download the Additional Class Materials to get the example files.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Visual programming UI: See how even novice users can use Dynamo to drive BIM with advanced parametric logic.
    • Learn about data mining—learn how to pull information out of BIM and use it for visualization and documentation
    • Learn about form finding and documentation—learn how to create building elements and views from data sources like Excel or other BIM elements