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Computational BIM Workshop, Advanced Topics—Part 1

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    <p>This workshop is for people who have experience in Revit software and the Dynamo extension and want to take their Dynamo skills to the next level. Learn how to combine computational design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We will use Dynamo to drive Revit software models and interoperate with other applications. Learn how to connect leverage analysis plug-ins and connect to other data sources. Some familiarity with Dynamo basics—like list manipulation, geometry creation, and Revit software interaction—is required. This session features Dynamo Studio and Revit.</p> <p>Download the “AU2016 Advanced Workshop” from the <a href="">Package manager</a> or download the Additional Class Materials to get the example files.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about scripting—explore DesignScript functionality by creating your own functions and looping operations, and using advanced list manipulation tools
    • Learn about interoperability—learn how to connect various applications together using Dynamo
    • Learn how to improve building performance with Dynamo and Autodesk analysis tools
    • Learn about office implementation—gain techniques for deploying Dynamo in your office