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Composite-Beam-Design Extension in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016

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    This class will review the new composite-beam-design extension available for Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 software. To set the stage for the Robot Structural Analysis software demonstration, we will first complete a review of composite-beam-design theory and AISC 360-10’s composite-beam-design implementation and requirements. We’ll then demonstrate how you can access and install the composite-beam-design extension for Robot Structural Analysis 2016 software. We’ll conduct an in-depth examination of the composite-beam-design extension, detailing all of the features and uses by exploring composite-beam-design examples from actual projects. We’ll look at various types of composite-beam configurations, taking each example from analysis and design parameter definition through to reviewing the analysis and design results and reports. This class will illustrate the benefits of Robot Structural Analysis software’s composite-beam-design implementation, and provide guidance on best practices to make the most of this robust tool.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a deeper understanding of composite-beam-design theory and code implementation
    • Discover Robot Structural Analysis 2016 software’s composite-beam-design extension’s features and capabilities
    • Learn how to analyze and design composite beams using the composite-beam-design extension
    • Learn how to integrate Robot Structural Analysis 2016 software's composite-beam-design extension into your current design workflow