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The Collective Wisdom of Design Across Boundaries

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    Join us as we examine how various disciplines are addressing the blurring boundaries between industries in the context of a global problem. In advance, we will solicit opinions from the online community on how best to deliver health care to underserved locations. At the forum, 4 leaders from our core industries—building, infrastructure, manufacturing, and media & entertainment—will use their talents and technological knowledge to present their interpretations of the problem. They will discuss the commonalities and differences in approach, process, and technology, and then propose the most viable solution. The result: a possible answer to this global problem based on collective input, ideas, and innovation. During the forum, attendees will vote on their favorite solution. The winning solution will be further developed by a non-profit or academic organization with an Autodesk grant. This session features Phillip G. Bernstein FAIA, RIBA, LEED AP, vice president Industry Strategy and Relations, Autodesk; Dr. Myshkin Ingawale, co-founder, Biosense Technologies; Dr. Alasdair MacDonald, director Strategic Innovation, Balfour Beatty; Liz Ogbu, environments designer; and Professor Marla Schweppe, Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Key Learnings

    • Use the power you have to create a solution
    • Discover how technology is being used to solve today's problems across industries
    • Understand the power of many
    • List the similarities and differences between how our various industries solve problems