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On Cloud 9: Revit and AutoCAD Cloud Collaboration

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    Cloud-based Revit software and AutoCAD software collaboration can mean many things to many people. For some people it means running these applications completely in the cloud. For others, it means running the applications in offices and using the cloud to share the files. Then there’s the ability to have both of these models together. This session will show how users running Revit software or AutoCAD software in the cloud can collaborate on the same Revit models or CAD files at the same time with users in the office. Users in both locations have the same fast performance with sync with central, element borrowing, and Worksharing Monitor with no change in workflow. This session will show a demonstration of users in an office environment collaborating with users in a partner office environment where the applications are running in the cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the challenges of running cloud-based Revit and AutoCAD
    • Discover how to overcome the difficulties of connecting people to the same model through the cloud
    • Discover how to connect architects and engineers in your offices with other users in the cloud
    • Learn how to sync with central, worksharing monitor and element-borrowing work in the cloud