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Civil3D techniques for modelling complex urban realm

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    Civil3D training teaches us how to model simple corridors but what happens on real life projects? Those corridors are rarely simple. The aim of this class is to demonstrate some techniques to overcome issues such as irregular curve widening, urban SUDS features such as mini swales and rain gardens and footways/cycleways that vary multiple times throughout the length of the corridor. The class will also demonstrate how large urban piazzas, where there are no corridors, can be modelled while maintaining the surface layer construction. Finally we will look at the workflow for large projects where data must be split up to minimise regions to speed up rebuild times and the use of Navisworks to aggregate the data so that the complexities are visualised and validated and relation to surrounding buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • Set-up data model structures for large or complex projects
    • Use offset alignments and conditional subassemblies to model complex footways speeding up rebuild times
    • Use dynamic tin surfaces to model urban realm formations and utilities
    • How to split up data for speed and merge data for presentation