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Civil 3D integration within Revit.

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    In the design industry collaboration is always at the forefront of our minds. How can we better coordinate data between multi-disciplinary teams? What is the data normally isolated by Civil 3D could be linked to a Revit site model? With the integration of Civil 3D and Revit, the gates between multi-disciplinary silos, become freer and more open. Gone are the days of having to import Civil backgrounds into you model and “clean” that data up for use, only to have repeat that process when drawings are revised. By linking Civil 3D directly to Revit, you gain the benefits or a “live” link to seamlessly update data. In this session we will gain an understanding of how to link Civil 3D to Revit, analyze the data from Civil 3D to create specific views, incorporate Revit Site models into existing workflows, recognize the collaboration benefits within multi-disciplinary environment, and how to export Revit data back to Civil 3D to form a complete integration loop.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to link Civil 3D files to a Revit model.
    • Analyze Civil 3D data linked to Revit to create discipline specific views.
    • Incorporate 3D and Revit site models best practices into existing workflows.
    • Export Revit data to Civil 3D to complete the feedback loop.