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Pre-conference Session    CCS323597
City of Terabytes, Innovation, and Technology Transfer in the AEC Space
Autodesk University
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To create and envision tomorrow’s built environment, today’s leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction space need to look beyond the old ways of thinking. This industry talk focuses on the results-driven but very diverse innovation process as it keeps evolving within a dynamic and vertically integrated environment. In a recent KPMG global construction survey, 83% of senior leaders mentioned the future will be data driven, including routine use of data analytics and predictive modeling for project planning and monitoring. Learn from Clayco and Autodesk about how they partnered to address and solve some of the industry challenges. Bridging the constraints of old business models with an in-depth understanding of the technology promise is the main motivator for the Clayco innovation team. By using the BIM 360 network and a range of predictive technologies such as, Reconstruct and Construction IQ help find the signal from all the data and help predict and prevent problems.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about a big data-driven ecosystem and the use of new tech within the context of an AEC business model
  • Learn about nurturing pragmatic but effective innovation processes
  • Learn about the usage level of the data-driven business model and the strategy for its survival
  • Learn how to align AEC industry aspirations with Industry 4.0 paradigm


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