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Cinematography in Architectural Visualization
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Cinematography is the art of telling a story through motion pictures. Understanding the concepts of cinematography is essential to telling the story of your design. Learning and understanding the types of shots used, proper use of lighting and motion, image framing, and editing techniques can help you produce better-quality presentations. Using proper cinematography techniques, you can focus the viewers’ attention on the aspects of the design that you want them to learn. In addition, by focusing on specific aspects of the design, you can reduce the time required to create the presentation. Come and learn how to build better presentations in a shorter time.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a storyboard using cinematography techniques to define the story of your design
  • Learn how to utilize the types of shots used in architectural visualization to tell your story
  • Learn how to create quality presentations using proper framing, lighting, and motion
  • Learn how to save production time through proper use of cinematography and editing



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