Pre-conference Session    CCS323894
Championing Diversity to Drive Innovation and Culture
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How has the world changed since you entered the workforce? How has your company’s culture changed? For the first time ever, five generations coexist in the workplace. These diverse perspectives offer an unprecedented opportunity to drive innovation from multiple viewpoints. Technology and digital transformation bring people together and empower us to become more human in how we do our work. Cross-generational collaboration and engagement create a corporate legacy of purpose and meaning. By fostering this legacy through a culture of creativity, productivity, and efficiency, your company will mobilize to create a resilient innovation culture that is able to weather economic uncertainties and elevate your business to its highest potential.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to develop an atmosphere of inclusion throughout your organization
  • Learn how to use multiple viewpoints to create a resilient company strategy
  • Learn how to engage multigenerational leaders to investigate and create best practices
  • Learn how to build a robust innovation culture to uniquely serve the needs of your team



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