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Recruiting, Retaining, and Training to Build the Future of AEC

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    In 2018, 74% of construction firms reported having a hard time finding workers. Beyond technologies, beyond best practices, people are the foundation of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. This session will focus on building sustainable tactics for attracting new talent to the industry through elevating the perception of construction careers and increasing awareness of skilled labor opportunities. Let’s discuss what’s working and how it can apply to your company. Beyond connecting the industry with reliable workers, participants will also discuss how to develop, elevate, and promote their current workforce to strengthen company culture and increase loyalty. Interested in attracting millennials? Interested in preserving the knowledge of your seasoned veterans? Want to create a more inclusive work environment where different perspectives can thrive? Let’s explore best practices for creating a team that is far more valuable than any structure you’ll ever design, develop, or build.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to generate a strategy for attracting new workers to your company and the AEC industry
    • Learn how to accelerate the training and growth plans for current employees, and help them to thrive
    • Learn how to build a culture of loyalty and pride to keep your team engaged and bring others to the table
    • Learn how to celebrate different perspectives and backgrounds while creating a safe and authentic work environment