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Case Study—Waldorf Astoria: A Film Production in Less than 30 Days

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    ArX Solutions is a top U.S. visualization firm founded 19 years ago. We’ve created more than 5,000 images and over 200 films and animations. At the beginning of 2015 we were asked to create a film with live actors to show the vision for the New Waldorf Astoria. There was a big catch: it had to be finished in less than 30 days from beginning to end. In this class we will show the different steps taken to make this happen. This includes the script creation: coming up with a good idea; the storyboard: communicating our ideas to the client; the 3D when there was no design in place: the charrette process and work on site with the designers; and the green screen production. We will also cover tips and tricks; how to plan the shots in a way that work for a short timeframe; using 3D Max software and optimization of the rendering times through different scripts; the post production: blending all the pieces together; and the audio track: how it is as important as the visuals.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the production process of a film
    • Learn how to plan the green shots in a smart way to avoid camera track
    • Learn how to use scripts to optimize the workflow
    • Script creation: Learn how to how to address all the client requirements