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Lecture    CV5504-P
Case Study for a Civil-Based BIM Project Using Revit
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This class will provide a case study of a project that contains many different disciplines, with civil being the main driver. We will go through the different challenges of integrating civil design using various workflows and software packages such as AutoCAD software, the 3D modeling app, Navisworks project review software, Revit Server, and Siteworks for Revit software. We will discuss the pros and cons of different file formats, and we will also learn some technical tips to help achieve certain outcomes for this example project. We will demonstrate the advantages and limitations of using the Siteworks for Revit software add-on, which will help inform you in the future when you deliver similar projects.

Key Learnings

  • Learn different workflows from civil design to Navisworks project review software
  • Get familiar with Siteworks for Revit software, and be aware of its advantages and disadvantages
  • Gain knowledge of different file format sharing within disciplines and models
  • Learn how to recognize the challenges of delivering the civil design for a 4D project



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