Lecture    MP3784-P
Calibrating an Existing Building Energy Model
Lauren Kuntz, Oliver Riley
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One of the most difficult aspects of performing energy analysis on existing building projects is calibrating the simulated results from the energy model to the building's actual energy use. Accurate calibration depends on utility billing data or trended performance data from the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) being properly integrated into the energy model. To the novice, this process can easily double the modeling effort, killing a project’s budget. In the first part of this session, you will learn how to build a simplified energy model in Autodesk® Vasari Beta 1.0 software and calibrate the model to monthly utility data in Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web-based software. The second half of the class will cover how to calibrate the simulated results of the DOE2 energy model to the actual building’s energy performance as captured by a properly configured BEMS system. Both of these strategies will be covered in a case study on the Autodesk headquarters building in San Rafael, CA.

Key Learnings

  • Acquire and prepare BEMS-trended energy end use data
  • Calibrate the simulated results from a detailed energy model to trended end-use data
  • Build simplified energy models using Autodesk Vasari
  • Calibrate a Vasari energy model to monthly utility billing data using Green Building Studio


 Lauren Kuntz
Lauren Kuntz

 Oliver Riley
Oliver Riley
He is a Principal Engineer and Energy Analyst.

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