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Cadd Nuggets with Conditional Dipping Sauce

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    This class will be full of "nuggets*" of wisdom from seasoned professionals. We will show users how to use conditional sub-assemblies to minimize the number of regions and assemblies used in corridor design. Add additional value and design information to your model by targeting 2D lines from xref layers. This class will demonstrate a workflow for corridor modeling and sheet production and maximizes the model while keeping all aspects of production in mind.<br /><br />We will use QTO manager to assign pay items and get quantity take offs on 2D linework that historically is not counted<br /><br />*Nuggets are those little golden things in a training session that users did not know about, or tools they did not know existed or how to use them.<br /><br />list other nuggets:

    Key Learnings

    • Show users alternative uses of the existing tools
    • Show practical, real-life examples of available tools that are not covered by existing documentation
    • Learn a workflow that is designed to reduce errors and increase productivity and model usage
    • Be able to readily use the advanced features of corridor modeling that are often overlooked