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Build and Destroy (Static Revit Models to Dynamic Animations in 3ds Max)

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    The modeling is done, time for some fun. Attendees will take their model out of Revit software and move it into 3ds Max software and learn how to animate it utilizing particle systems, space warps, and the Mass FX tools. A basic understanding of the UI, tools, modifiers, and key framing in 3ds Max software will be required. It’s time to relax and create some beautiful and fun animations. You’ve spent months building the models and stressing over deadlines. In this class you’ll animate a controlled build of your Revit model in 3ds Max software with particle systems, and then you’ll destroy the model with Mass FX. The example provided will be a structural model, but you can apply techniques to all discipline models.

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    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to organize and modify model elements from Revit to prepare them for animation
    • Learn how to utilize forces, deflectors, modifiers, and particle systems to animate a controlled build of the building
    • Gain a basic understanding of Particle View’s node-based interface and use operators and tests
    • Gain a basic understanding of the MassFX toolbar and how it can be used to animate quickly with its powerful physics engine