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Beyond the Software: Transitioning Your Small Business to BIM

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    By now, it's clear to all of us in the design industry that 3D modeling and intelligent design—Building Information Modeling (BIM)—is here to stay. You're probably hearing about it more and more often from your clients, customers, and maybe even your suppliers. But transitioning to a BIM workflow is a big step. If you don't have the resources of a multinational design firm, how can you make the leap? This class presents strategies for incorporating 3D software in your design processes, including budgeting, training, marketing, and implementation. You also hear the success stories of a few small firms who have moved to BIM and are now more competitive than ever.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how implementing BIM can provide a competitive advantage
    • Describe how to transition to BIM while keeping project commitments and budgets intact
    • Identify flexible training and support options for making the transition to BIM
    • Outline a step-by-step transition plan to a 3D workflow