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Beyond BIM: Transforming the AEC Ecosystem Through Productization

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    General contractors, like Bouygues Construction, face new challenges: skilled workforce shortages and a need for sustainability engagement (carbon footprint reduction) and high quality. Compared to the manufacturing industry, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has been struggling to improve productivity for years. To tackle these challenges, we need to transform our ways of working by going beyond building information modeling (BIM)-expected outcomes. Our dedicated team SmartFabrik embeds engineering methodology as a new approach to construction in functional bricks. These bricks maximize knowledge and know-how management (from all actors at all steps). Through this new modularity, we can produce deliverables that meet the jobsite's actual needs and requirements. This process is a foundation of Building 4.0, moving from multitrade on-site activities to modules and tasks' assembly. The as-built model is the starting point for the future digital twin. During this class we'll illustrate the approach with the MEP Riser module using Manufacturing Informed Design software.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore why transformation is necessary.
    • Discover the roots and impacts of productization.
    • Learn about building new construction methods to tackle future goals (productivity, knowledge management, sustainability).
    • Learn how to create an implementation plan toward productization.