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The Best Rebar Detailing Tools for Revit

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    In this class, you will see firsthand how to generate a parametric 3D rebar cage within a few clicks, save rebar cage templates, and apply them on any new projects. We will also see how we can speed up your daily job creating bending details on drawing views; generating automatic Revit rebar schedule; creating reinforcement drawings based on user’s template; renumbering all your rebar model; and managing the rebar data to extract the status of the element or the quantity takeoff of the entire rebar project. We will apply all those productive tools on beams, columns, and footings, managing complex geometries such as openings, depressions, and continuous beams. We will end the class showing you the last level of rebar automation; embedding the reinforced concrete design of the members within Revit; automating the creation of designed 3D reinforcement cages in Revit; while using standard Revit products to configure automated drawings, views, bar schedules, and comprehensive design reports.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to generate parametric 3D rebar cages in a few clicks
    • Learn how to stop wasting time generating rebar schedules—do it in few seconds
    • Learn how to get quantity takeoff for the entire rebar project
    • Learn how to automate more and generate design-driven rebar cages