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Redefining Project Handover and Closeout

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    For Owners, Contractors and Facilities teams the commissioning and handover process can be stressful, expensive, and long. Handover process typically starts towards the end of the project completion with construction teams scrambling to gather information from various data silos. This industry talk will explore how Autodesk Construction Cloud is building a Lifecycle approach to Handover starting from Design phase to Operations. The session will showcase examples core foundational products that Autodesk Construction Cloud is building that lay the foundation for a more holistic and comprehensive Handover package.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how standardizing workflows via project templates and components help streamlines information capture relevant for Handover
    • Learn how to track and manage relevant Assets documentation from Design to Handover
    • Learn how data federation enables collaboration that promotes owner specific handover requirements
    • Discover the seamless workflows that enable Handover Lifecycle leveraging Data Federation, Templates, Components and Assets.