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Behind-the-Scenes Look at Large-Assembly Modeling Using Express Mode in Inventor

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    Customers are building bigger, better, and more-complex designs. These models not only take a very long time to open, but they are also cumbersome to view, manipulate, and work with. The performance and capacity ramifications are significant, and ultimately lead to significant loss in productivity and affect overall user experience. Even with high-end systems, working with such large assemblies becomes a cumbersome task. This proposal introduces the audience to Express mode—a faster way of working with very large assemblies inside Inventor software. The presentation will cover many topics, including the concept of large models; behind-the-scenes look at the architecture of Express Mode functionality; workflows involving viewing and editing of models using Express Mode; the pros and cons of using Design Views versus level of development (LOD); the creating and updating of drawing views; the optimization of model design for performance and productivity; and hands-on workflows with real examples.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a better understanding of how Express Mode works in Inventor
    • Learn to work with large assemblies
    • Learn to create fast drawing views of large models
    • Learn best practices when working with large assemblies to improve productivity