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Beginning at the End—What FM Operations Truly Require from BIM

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    This presentation concerns BAM's Wharfedale Locality Hospital PFI project and the process they undertook in a “retro” Building Information Modeling (BIM) to facilities management (FM) Process. The presentation will present how BAM see the business value in BIM to FM in their current facility management buildings, along with any future building contracts they undertake. We will focus upon the importance of engaging the FM operational staff at the earliest opportunity and the reasons why this is important to ensure they receive what they require to operate and maintain a facility. It will include the steps undertaken regarding the tools utilized to gather the operational requirements and the necessary data fields required for the assets from the BIM model. We will present all tools and processes, from design to operations, as well as the importance of the classification of the data in the operational FM environment. We will present business metrics and return on investments to prove the value in a retro BIM model for this facility. We will also look at futures for BIM to FM.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain an understanding of FM operational requirements from a BIM model
    • Discover the importance of a well-structured and classified BIM model to achieve BIM to FM
    • Discover the effectiveness and the value of a retro BIM model to the FM operational process
    • Discover the importance of the model for building changes throughout the facilities life