Lecture    AC2470
Be Dynamic and Improve Your Efficiency with Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD®
Michelle Rasmussen
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If you find yourself constantly using a slight variation of one block or another, then this class is for you. Dynamic blocks can be a powerful and useful tool for creating reusable and changeable content for your drawings. You can customize them to contain a wide variety of options like sizes or opening angles and directions, which result in a very useful block that can be used in many ways in a drawing. In this class, you will learn how to create custom dynamic blocks with a variety of custom options and then use them in multiple types of drawings.

Key Learnings

  • Edit and troubleshoot common block creation problems
  • Add dynamic blocks to drawings and use the various options programmed into them to save time in creating designs
  • List the types of actions that can be added to custom dynamic blocks
  • Create parameters and actions for dynamic blocks


 Michelle Rasmussen
Michelle Rasmussen
Michelle started in the Air Force working in the Civil Engineering unit as a surveyor, designer, and construction manager. Her primary responsibility was to ensure proper grading of missile sites and tracking of base infrastructure. She has also worked for both municipalities and consulting engineering firms as an engineering/GIS technician. Michelle is highly regarded within the civil engineering industry; her comprehensive Autodesk Land Desktop and AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge is supplemented with a strong understanding of other Autodesk technologies, document management, hardware, and networking. Her expertise has helped her clients maximize their project’s effectiveness and ROI. She is an effective and skillful communicator, consulting with her clients to help achieve their business objectives. As a senior instructional designer for ASCENT, she has written books on AutoCAD, Map 3D, and Civil 3D and was the first Civil 3D Autodesk Certified Instructor and Evaluator worldwide.

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The class is very informative, however, the handouts cannot be downloaded. It used to be an easy normal download before. I wonder where am I making a mistake