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Balancing the Revit Ecosystem

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    Revit projects, templates, and content require BIM (Building Information Modeling) managers to connect the dots playing several roles: researcher—collecting and analyzing performance of Revit projects; investigator—uncovering underlying problems; and janitor—facilitating cleanup and fixes. To keep your Revit projects at peak performance, it is vital to identify performance concerns early, anticipate problems, and understand underlying issues. We will focus on automation of reporting and maintenance of the Revit ecosystem as a whole, and clamp down on the usual suspects. After this class, you will be able to holistically analyze your Revit environment, and implement practical steps toward its improvement and fine-tuning.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to collect and analyze key performance indicators of your Revit models and projects
    • Uncover real reasons behind poor Revit performance and create a practical plan for addressing the issues
    • Explore tools available for tuning up your Revit ecosystem (active projects, templates, and content)
    • Learn how to assemble functional project teams and identify project-specific training needs