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BIM and Asset Management—Workflows to Close the Circle
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This class will cover the importance of having an organized and standardized list of assets so the information can be manage at the maintenance and operations level, which is key in this process. It will also address the parameters that need to be consider for this effort, along with establishing responsibilities throughout the project development, such as who will be responsible for filling what and, most important, when this should happen (design, construction, and/or operations).

Key Learnings

  • Better understand the workflow of incorporating asset management information within a BIM model
  • Learn how to define the list of parameters and establish a workflow on how they are mapped to the different building objects/elements
  • Learn how to establish a criteria of who is responsible for getting the right information into the model so it can be used for FMO
  • Discover the electronic version of the close-out package documentation with the BIM model


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