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BIM View: Stop Reacting and Start Responding—Proactive Model Management

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    BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process, and understanding the process and managing it accordingly is the key to successful BIM implementation. But how do you measure the development of an intelligent model? Do you have methods in place to understand when the potential for issues on your models occur? The best way to accomplish this is through diagnostic tools that alert users when certain predefined rules are broken or limits are exceeded. In this session, we will present the lessons we learned through the development of the “BIM View” tool—a macro-based, model health-check solution—combined with a web-based dashboard to visualize the quality and performance of all our Revit models. Learn what worked and what did not and why we replaced Dynamo with a macro-based solution, and replaced Microsoft Power BI with a combination of Vue.js and Data Driven Documents (D3.js), gathering data directly from all our active projects and pushing it into a web-based dashboard to proactively manage all our models.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why visualizing data can help you to proactively manage your Revit models
    • Learn about the benefits of using a model-integrated “health check family” for quality control
    • Learn about the benefits of a web-based dashboard solution to visualize performance
    • Understand the pros and cons—what we learned during the development process