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BIM For Large Health Care Projects: Brunet Saunier Architecture, Paris

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    Discover many examples of the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on some large health care projects in Europe and see BIM implementation used for a new typology of hospitals developed since 2005 by Brunet Saunier Architecture in Paris. The use of Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software corresponds to the advent of this new typology of hospitals. Jacques Lévy-Bencheton, Architect and BIM Manager since 1992 in Brunet Saunier will describe his company, describe their BIM processes and workflows, and explain how the company succeeded in their transition from CAD to BIM, making them one of the leading architectural practices in France. You will learn about the following hospitals projects: Cannes, Douai, Toulon, Lagny near Disneyland, and the modular hospital of Argenteuil. You will also see a more in-depth technical presentation on the projects of the University Hospital of Geneva and the Chambery Hospital.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the importance of using BIM in health care projects
    • Describe some of Brunet Saunier Architecture’s projects
    • Explain the evolution of the different hospital typologies