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Roundtable    CI1754-R
BIM for Infrastructure in Concrete Terms
Autodesk University
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Civil engineers have used 3D model-based design for over 2 decades, so the line between CADD and BIM is not clear. Using examples drawn from real bridge, tunnel, highway and transit projects, we discuss how to differentiate between CADD and BIM. We find a place for analytical models, introduce terminology, such as level of development (LOD), and identify how goals, processes, products, and applications differ through the project lifecycle. We also make sense of CADD Standards, construction plans, and 3D deliverables in the context of a BIM workflow that manages liability. We document our discussion in a Venn diagram that helps to communicate what BIM means for infrastructure.

Key Learnings

  • Set goals for BIM on infrastructure projects
  • Develop 3D engineered models with appropriate LOD
  • Describe how CADD fits into a BIM workflow
  • Use BIM to develop standard deliverables alongside cool BIM deliverables


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