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BIM Asset Management Made Easy

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    In our current global market, time saved is money saved. This class will focus on how a robust Content Management System can save you time and increase quality assurance in the design process with efficient BIM assets while also being ISO 19650 compliant. Utilizing a cloud-based BIM Asset Management system like UNIFI has helped triple our library content and saved $1000's, so join this class as we uncover the secrets of how UNIFI can be used in all phases of design across multiple disciplines, from concept through to handover. This class will also illustrate that by using cloud-based platforms to connect teams, data, and workflows, collaboration workflows with other offices around the globe in a 24-hour work environment are increasingly more productive. You cannot afford to miss the opportunity of discovering how to make UNIFI work for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify how Autodesk UNIFI can be used in all phases of the design
    • Build healthy libraries of BIM assets
    • Define and create robust search workflows for BIM assets in one central location
    • Collaborate productively across a global practice