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BIM 360 Docs: Indistinguishable Evidence of the Situation
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Many building or construction projects use some form of document library. Whether it’s used in the design, build, or operate phase, it’s probably a document management tool that isn’t designed as a common data environment, but rather as a document repository. A lot of the time it sits on a private server and requires IT departments to perform miracles to assign rights and privileges. What building and construction projects require is something that’s easy to use, easy to access, and easy to maintain. This is what BIM 360 Docs software delivers—a tool that can be set up on a per-project basis that all stakeholders have access to and where the latest documents reside. Let’s investigate this rookie addition to the BIM 360 portfolio and consider how to use it with other BIM 360 tools, such as BIM 360 Field software, to enhance workflows. Let’s examine how to use markups and issues for effective collaboration, and put the right information in the hands of the people who need it. This session features BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Field. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Understand BIM 360 Docs and the Common Data Environment
  • Learn how to make decisions on where BIM 360 Docs fits into current workflows
  • Learn how to prepare for the future of BIM 360
  • Have some fun


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