Industry talk    MSF21766
Automation in a World of Endless Parts and Pieces
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RK Mechanical is the Denver region’s largest single source for mechanical contracting. In this class I will show how we have successfully implemented and benefited from automation in our CAD / Building Information Modeling (BIM) department to make use of the vast amounts of data we have to give our company an advantage. If you work in MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) fabrication, you know that you have to deal with extreme amounts of component data, and that data needs to be translated between a number of departments in the flow of a project. I'll be showing a number of automation projects that I've worked on that have given us a free flow of data to various departments—such as purchasing, the shop for production planning, and to the field. I'll also discuss our philosophy on technology and automation. Join us to get some insights into how our company functions and to get some fresh ideas to take back with you. This presentation is not only for mechanical contractors. Anybody with digital model data can benefit from this information. This session features Fabrication CADmep.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the benefits of automation
  • Be compelled to try new ways to enable the computer to do the work
  • Get fresh ideas
  • Learn how various technologies are required to have a satisfactory solution



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