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Automation Workflows with the Forge Design Automation API for Revit

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    AEC firms have an ever-increasing need to streamline and automate workflows. This class will introduce the Forge Design Automation API for Revit and show how it can be applied to automate AEC workflows for collaboration and automation at scale. In this class we’ll review real-world examples of how Autodesk customers and partners are using this API to create applications that can create, read, and modify Revit models in the cloud. Revit data is no longer trapped on the desktop.  Now you can use Forge to build competitive advantage and accelerate and improve your  workflows with web applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the kinds of problems that design automation can solve for your company.
    • Learn how you can use Forge Design Automation to accelerate your company's workflows.
    • Understand ways to access and work with Revit data in cloud-based applications.
    • Discover relevant examples of how AEC firms and partners are automating workflows today.