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Automating master planning with Revit and connected city data platform

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    At InSite we have spent years developing master planning solutions for large-scale master planning projects using connected data and automation in Revit, Civil 3D and online data platforms. This session will talk about how automating the process has helped the team reduce manual errors and improve efficiency for cities and precinct design, show examples of leveraging data to drive decision-making through the design, and how we are using data-driven platforms to solve problems in urban analytics, resilience, sustainability, development feasibility, and strategic planning. You will be shown real examples of this process and how it was achieved along with data being linked to online data platforms diving financial city model, automation of design and how 3D and data visualization is a powerful tool to drive informed decision-making on major projects. Design data, open data and web apps are combined to enable better outcomes throughout the development lifecycle.

    Key Learnings

    • Automatically creating 3D models using the predefined attribute information in Revit
    • Collaboration and real time testing and option development with clients.
    • Creating a data base for master plan projects with all buildings and plots information with automated plot sheets.
    • Connecting design data to online platforms to enhance client portfolio management and engagement.