Autodesk Stingray - an interactive engine for games and beyond…
Instructional Demo    ANZ15-ME04
Dean Nurscher
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This will be the first opportunity to see the all new Autodesk Stingray technology. Learn why this technology will change the way content is created and consumed across all industries Autodesk serves, from media & entertainment to architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing. See how Stingray integrates tightly with other Autodesk tools to offer an incredibly efficient, data-driven, iterative process to create next generation content. See first-hand how Project Expo leverages Stingray technology to deliver a powerful new tool to visualise your creative vision. Learn why Autodesk Stingray technology will be a key technology in the future of making content.


Dean Nurscher
Dean has held various roles in the ANZ Media & Entertainment industry since the early 90's, when the non-linear editing industry was still in it's infancy. He has been an evangelist for solutions ranging from professional through to high-end finishing system's for customers in the film, television and games industries. For the past nine years Dean has been representing Autodesk's Media & Entertainment products in Australia and New Zealand. This experience gives him a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges customers are seeing in the rapidly converging media & entertainment markets


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