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Autodesk My Insights | Empowering CAD/BIM/IT Managers Through Data

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    With the 2023 release of AutoCAD, Autodesk has expanded and improved its advisory engine known as My Insights. When introduced, this feature was delivered to the individual AutoCAD user by serving personalized productivity insights based on product usage data. Now, Autodesk is exploring how CAD/BIM/IT managers could also benefit from access to the product usage data from the industry and within their company and teams. Imagine having a line of sight into how and where products are used, where training is needed, what efficiency opportunities are being missed, how CAD Standards are being followed, and being able to make better technology decisions, all supported by data. In this roundtable session, we’ll do more than imagine—you will be able to brainstorm, explore and learn from other industry experts, technology managers, and Autodesk data specialists about how the My Insights feature could be expanded to better meet your needs.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore the variety of My Insights features available in AutoCAD.
    • Brainstorm how to leverage usage data for improved technology planning and budgeting.
    • Discuss how to properly balance data privacy with data availability.
    • Help determine how My Insights can influence, justify, and evaluate the results of employee training.