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Autodesk CFD Simulation of an Axial Flow Fan by Using Rotating Region Method

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    CFD simulations enables a deep insight about fluid flow behaviour under the guidance of simulation setup. Apart from basic static-region CFD cases such as air flow in a duct or two-phase flow of a heat exchanger, we need an additional approach to define their rotating parts (blades) while simulating rotating devices such as centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, pumps, turbo chargers etc., especially when we're optimizing the blade geometry.In this hands-on lab, we'll set a CFD simulation of an axial flow fan by using Autodesk CFD Rotating Region Method.Please see my past webinar video in Turkish:

    Key Learnings

    • The differences in the use of Angular Motion and Rotating Region
    • Model preparation of Rotating Region Method in Fusion 360 environment and exporting to Autodesk CFD
    • Setting up the simulation material, region definitions, choosing boundary conditions, generating the mesh model with additional mesh controls, selecting solution methods and adjusting solution controls
    • Viewing results, obtaining characteristic curve and equation