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AutoCAD® Revit® MEP: Space Schedules for Design Verification and Validation

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    Space schedules are one of the most underused tools in the AutoCAD Revit MEP software arsenal. This class will give you the tools to go beyond how you are using Revit for your design. In this class we will explore the diverse possibilities of Revit MEP space schedules for verifying and validating your design in a straightforward and easily understood format. We will focus on using space schedules to verify LEED® points, compare design calculations to actual modeled conditions, create and use calculated values, resolve improper units, and implement conditional cell formatting for quick design condition verification. We will also cover the ability to reference space information in other schedule categories, as well as embedding schedules from other categories into space schedules. Stop fighting the software and start harnessing the information in your model to help validate your design and verify that your design intent is actually making it onto the documentation.

    Key Learnings

    • Calculate and validate LEED points
    • Create and utilize use values
    • Use the power of space schedules to aid in your design
    • Verify that your design intent is being conveyed to the construction documents